I’m dedicated to helping progressive organizations and their people develop and communicate their ideas, and turn them into meaningful action. / Electoral Reform Survey
After months of public consultation by the House of Commons Committee on Electoral Reform, the federal government has launched yet another online survey - taking a "democracy values" approach to seeking Canadians views on electoral. is indirect and misleading: not one of the 20 questions mentions "proportional representation" or any alternative to our current "first-past-the-post" system. Still, if you care about our democracy, and about improving our electoral system, please complete the survey - by Dec 30, 2016!
SFU President's Faculty Lecture: Dr. Stephanie Simmons / The International Race for a Quantum Computer
November 30, 7:00pm, Room 1400, SFU Vancouver at Harbour Centre, 515 W. Hastings St, Vancouver
Registration is FREE, but RSVP to attend.


SFU Faculty of Environment (Professional Practice Workshops) / Integrating Sustainability into Organizations
July to November, 2016

MY WORK                                        MY APPROACH

Trained in business, law and dialogue, and guided by the values of honesty and integrity, I build my work on the strengths of clear thinking, compelling writing, inclusive dialogue and strong teamwork. I support progressive enterprises with strategic advice, clear communication, and commitment to convening inclusive dialogue.


Usually I work independently, and some-times as an associate: with MODUS, one of Vancouver's finest planning, design & engagement firms, or with Hoggan & Associates, a leading Vancouver-based communications consultancy for over 25 years.

First, I get to know my client and their 4P’s (people, place, purpose and priorities). Second, I identify and assess my client’s communications and strategic opportunities and challenges; and work with my client to determine whether I can help, and if so, how. Third, I work with my client to confirm our terms of engagement, including scope of work, budget, communication, deliverables, timeline, reporting and remuneration. Fourth, I give my heart and soul to doing and delivering the work to the best of my ability, within budget and on time. Finally, I seek my client’s feedback.