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I’m dedicated to helping progressive organizations and their people develop and communicate their ideas, and turn them into actions that contribute to building a just, sustainable society. 


Vancouver Public Library ( /    CITY POEMS CONTEST (opened January 16, 2022)

"What historical, cultural or ecological sites in Vancouver intrigue or inspire you? Perhaps it is the ancient Musqueam village and burial site at c̓əsnaʔəm, the Indigenous village of Sen̓áḵw, Deadman’s Island in False Creek, Hastings Park where Japanese Canadians were interned during WW II, a specific building in a historic neighbourhood such as Chinatown. Davie Village or Hogan’s Alley, or Burrard inlet where 376 passengers on the steamship Komagata Maru lay at anchor for 3 months in 1914? Or perhaps one of Vancouver’s gardens, hidden streams or remaining old growth trees?  Here’s your chance to write a poem that will provide a greater understanding of the origins and multilayered history of the place we now know as Vancouver!" 

Click on LEARN MORE below for eligibility info, rules, links to submission forms and resources.

Ecojustice ( / Mathur et al. v. Ontario (Ontario Superior Court of Justice, September 2022)

"In September 2022, seven young Ontarians will be heading to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to argue that the Ontario government violated their Charter rights by weakening the province’s climate action targets. This case is historic because it is the first climate Charter litigation to make it to a complete hearing on a full evidentiary record in a Canadian court.

When the Ontario Superior Court dismissed the provincial government’s attempt to stop this case, it made a landmark ruling in Canada. For the first time ever, a Canadian court ruled that fundamental rights protected under the Charter can be threatened by climate change and citizens have the ability to challenge a Canadian’s governments action on the climate crises under the highest law in the land."

For background on how the law is being applied to compel climate action, and to add your name to a list of Canadians who believe this trail-blazing climate case is in the public interest (list to be filed with the court before next September's hearing), click on LEARN MORE below.

FIRST NATIONS MAJOR PROJECTS COALITION ( & University of Colorado Boulder - First Peoples Worldwide ( / 
Toward Net Zero by 2050 Conference, FNMPC'S 5th ANNUAL INDUSTRY ENGAGEMENT EVENT, Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, BC, April 25-26, 2022

"Th[is] two-day hybrid (in-person and online) event will host Indigenous leaders, industry experts, policymakers, and investors across Canada to highlight carbon reducing examples in four key areas that are either Indigenous-led or have strong potential for industry-government-Indigenous partnership:

  1. energy generation & transmission,

  2. minerals & materials,

  3. finance, and

  4. policy/regulation"

To register (note that online participation is FREE), click HERE.  For more information about this important conference, and too download the Conference Agenda, click on LEARN MORE below.

MY WORK                                        MY APPROACH

My twin passions are supporting progressive organizations and their people in developing, communicating and implementing their ideas for advancing transformational change; and on-the-ground volunteering to contribute my energy, experience and skills to building a sustainable, just society. 


My approach to work is built on my strengths (clear thinking, clean writing, inclusive dialogue and effective teamwork), fueled by my commitment to justice (environmental, social and economic), and guided by my values (honesty, fairness and public service).

First, I get to know my client and their 3P’s (people, purpose and priorities). Second, I work with my client to assess my client’s strategic communications strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; and to determine whether and how I can help. Third, I work with my client to confirm our terms of engagement, including scope of work, budget, communication, deliverables, timeline, reporting and remuneration. Fourth, I give my heart and soul to doing and delivering the work to the best of my ability, on time and within budget. Finally, when we're finished I seek my client’s feedback on the completed project. 

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