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Bill McIntosh


My mission is to guide and support progressive organizations and their people in developing and communicating their ideas, and turning them into meaningful action. My goals are to deliver client satisfaction, and to contribute to building a sustainable, just society. My work is built on the strengths of thinking, writing, dialogue and teamwork, and guided by the values of honesty and integrity. 



  • Aboriginal community and economic development

  • Public attitudes and values on sustainability

  • Legal protection of the environment and environmental rights

  • Climate change and climate communication


  • Electoral reform

  • Parliamentary reform

  • Campaign financing reform

  • Citizen engagement

Dialogue & Civic Engagement

  • Diversity

  • Inclusiveness

  • Transparency

  • Co-creation


Simon Fraser University

  • Certificate in Dialogue & Civic Engagement

University of Toronto

  • Bachelor of Laws

University of Alberta

  • Bachelor of Business Administration & Commerce (With Distinction)

Justice Reform

  • Access to legal services and legal aid

  • Equity and diversity in the legal profession and the judiciary

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